Monday, 31 July 2017

All about Valet Services

Valet services are of many types nowadays, starting from car washing valet services to some more such as valet parking services. No matter what we are talking about, they all include our cars and ways of “spoiling” them. So let`s see which are the most popular valet services and what they include. 

Car valeting is the process of washing, polishing and waxing a car in order to achieve a new look and to enhance its resale price or value. This process includes cleaning the wheels and the shuts, cleaning, polishing and waxing the paintwork, dressing the exterior plastics and tyres, polishing both the brightwork and the glass.

There are a few steps in a full valet services (for cleaning):

· Washing the outside 

- The first step in washing a car is to clean the outside
- As a matter of fact, the exterior should be cleaned first because we don`t want the dirt to be scattered on the rest of the car during the complete wash.
- Detailing on the outside
- Removal of difficult stains: bitumen, insects, resin ( and bugs Removel)
- Revitalization of plastic ornaments: masks, grids, bars etc

· Cleaning the wheels
- To be honest, we all know that the wheels are the most dirty part of a car. They have the biggest contact with the asphalt while driving and are even one of the hardest to clean.

- It is recommended to use a non acidic cleaner in order to prevent any deterioration.

· The paintwork part 
- The painted parts of the car are the most sensitive ones so they need a lot of attention. There cannot be used harsh rags or sponges because they can scratch the surface.

· Cleaning and interior maintenance include:
- The gates, the mirrors, the board, the doors, the luggage, the carpet must be cleaned properly
- We should not forget the dry cleaning of the carpet, of the upholstery and of other textiles as well
- Interior Detailing
- For special cases, the cleaning and the treatment of leather / vinyl surfaces, leather upholstery, board should not be forgot
- The seats and the carpets are generally dry when the washing is ready

What about the time granted for the process?

o For a mini valet it takes 1hour
o For a midi valet it takes 1hour 30 mins
o For a full valet it takes 2 hours 30 mins

Valet services are starting to be considered pretty popular all over the world, especially in Singapore where more and more people get themselves powerful cars and exclusive events take place everytime.

In Singapore there was adopted even an extra service which allows customers to party and drink until morning when a valet driver gets them cars and drives them home safely. The main benefit of valet parking is convenience. Customers do not have to park their cars by themselves.

A good thing, especially in case of a special event when you have to stop exactly in front of the restaurant or the hotel. Valet parking is beneficial especially when the weather is not very good. You do not have to park far away all by yourself and walk to the hotel entrance, a valet will take your car and bring it back whenever you want to leave.

Everybody likes to be served and taken over from their responsibilities, especially during relaxing or socializing events, where finding a free parking place should be the ultimate concern.

Valet parking is a common feature of most of the special events or luxury ones, but generally they are not that popular, although there are plenty of reasons to put them into use, even for smaller companies or any other exclusive location as we can see below:

Advantages of valet parking:

1. Increasing the number of parking spaces - Usually in the absence of a clear control system, cars are more or less chaotically parked, even in the presence of road markers that delimit the parking spaces. On the other hand, the valets will assure that the parking space is used at its maximum efficiency, in order to allow the parking of as many cars as possible.

2. Safety - By using a parking valet service, the distance that invitations or employees go through until they get to the entrance is reduced, and in addition, the valets are responsibleno only for the car parking but also to provide the security duties.

3. More time for yourself – Not only the customers are privileged by these services. Choosing a parking valet service gives organizers and owners more time for the rest of the activities. They do not have to help the guests to find a parking space or to supervise the parked cars so they can focus on planning the events and making the guests feel comfortable by giving them attention.

4. Extra help for guests - If someone forgets something in the car, the valets are always there to help. In addition, at the end of the event, the car is given back to its owner in front of the entrance, without losing time with leaving the parking area.

Places where valet services are usually provided are:

Special events and private functions
Office buildings or country clubs
Hotel valet parking
Shopping centers
Medical centers
Weddings and banquets
Corporate events
Concert or parties
Launch of private apartments and condo
For airport transfer and drive home service

Either we are talking about car valeting or valet parking services, we consider that both are important. Some may consider the last one only a “caprice”, without seeing its beneficial features.

Considering these benefits and taking into account that beyond any statistics or numbers, a parking valet service offers the venue a special and exclusive air, it can easily become a goal to be achieved in the future in as many countries as possible.