Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How To Choose The Right Drink Jockey Service

A drink jockey service is basically called into play when you have had one drink too many. Alcohol usually impairs your judgment. This makes it difficult, if not impossible for you to drive yourself home. Rather than drive in a drunken state, be wise. Engage the helpful services of a reputable drink jockey service. The decision may save your life. There are a number of established and reputable drink and drive valet services in Singapore. You can check out their profiles online and compare reviews from forums on the internet. There are a number of factors that you should consider when identifying a suitable drink jockey service:

1. Availability on Call
Your drink and drive valet service should have an efficient team. They should have representatives on the ground to instantly respond to your call. Usually, the services have a booking system where you can book in advance. The booking procedure should not be too complex and complicated. It should be as simple as picking up you phone and calling a representative of the service. You should then be able to inform the representative when you plan on booking their vehicles and service. The booking time should only take a few minutes. The drink and drive valet service drivers should be able to pick you up in minutes. Well, an hour at most. I am sure you still would want to down your last drink. Your service representatives should be able to identify any available chauffeurs or drivers, relative to your location, to come and pick you up.

2. Reputation
It is very important for you to establish the reputation of your drink and drive valet service. Be careful not to pick a service whose employees are slack. The employees may not have the best morals and may rob you blind in your drunken state.
How do you establish your drink jockey service’s reputation? The internet, family or friends. There are tons of customer ratings and reviews based on their use of such services. These reviews will serve as pointers. They will detail their experience with a certain service. In case such customers were satisfied and happy with the service, you will pick their satisfaction from the same reviews.
Affirmations from family and friends will bolster your confidence in a particular drink and drive valet service. There will always be a family member or a close friend who has used such services before. This will guide you in the right direction. Choose a drink and drive valet service with the highest integrity and the best service in order to avoid disappointment.

3. Proximity to Your Location
When you have had too much to drink, your bed is usually the best option. The question is, how soon ca you get there. Your head is spinning from all the cocktails and beers you have consumed. Your legs can barely support you. Your bed is beckoning for you. In this regard, the closer the drink jockey service is to your location, the better. This means that when you make the phone call summoning the drink and drive valet service, there will respond in a matter of minutes. It is, therefore, important for you to identify drink and drive valet services with enough resources, particularly vehicles, so as to promptly respond to your “distress” call.

4. Cost of Service
Well, this may be a point of debate. I mean, what you probably spent on drinks is enough to buy a brand new LED flat screen. You are considering bargaining for the cheapest available drink jockey service. There is nothing wrong with getting a good bargain or deal. Just make sure you do not settle for too cheap a service. As the old adage goes, cheap is usually expensive. You may be laughing now at getting the cheapest service in Singapore, but ensure you do not cry later when the vehicle that took you home broke down on the way. Worse still, you wallet is missing!
Make the best choice. My advice, do not compromise on quality. You are better off being safe in your drunken state than sorry. This does not mean you choose the most expensive. You may get two companies offering similar services at different rates. The best choice here is, of course, the cheaper option. Just don’t stoop too low.

5. Professionalism
The drink and drive valet service should have employees who display a sense of professionalism. Consider this scenario. You live in a high-rise apartment in Singapore’s suburbs. You have just been promoted at your place of employment. After a night out painting the town red, you engage the services of a drink jockey service. You are too inebriated to even walk and entirely reliant on your drink jockey service driver. On reaching your apartment block, your driver is asked for his identification by security. He engages the security personnel at your apartment block in an unnecessary verbal exchange. In your drunken stupor, you are forced to alight from the vehicle and intervene. This is a clear display of unbecoming conduct that is not professional.
Make sure that the service you choose has professional employees who are well trained and disciplined.

6. Good Grasp of Singapore
The drink and drive valet service that you opt to use should have a good grasp of Singapore and its suburbs. This will ensure a prompt response when you require their services. The service will be able to pick you up from whatever location you are in. They will also not have any problems locating your home address.

7. Luxury Service
Are you a client with discerning taste and appreciate the finer things in life? If the answer is yes, make sure that you look for a professional high-quality drink jockey service. In order to cater for your high end and expensive tastes, look for a drink and drive valet service that has exclusivity. They should have comfortable, luxurious cars in their stable. Their chauffeurs should be professional in their appearance and conduct. Of course, the quality of beverages and drinks that they offer should be second to none. This does not mean that they should charge you an arm and a leg for this service. Make sure that the cost is reasonable and well within reasonable limits. It should not be an opportune chance for a corporate rip-off.


Be safe. Always. After that hard night of partying and drinking, do not drive. You may be involved in a serious road traffic accident. You may be lucky to sustain injuries. Even worse, you may lose your precious life! Make the best choice and contact a drink jockey service when in Singapore.