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Services Provided By a Valet

A valet is a member of staff of hotels and other establishments. They provide personalized services to the guests. They are concerned mostly with guest relations and ensuring that guests are comfortable and well taken care of. Not all hotels have valets and most of those that have them only have parking attendant valets. The valet is considered as part of housekeeping and reports to the head of housekeeping. The job description for a valet is mostly as contained in their contracts of employment but the general roles of avalet include but are not limited to; 

• Parking valets park and retrieve cars for guests. As soon as a guest drives up to the establishment, the valet helps with any luggage, takes the key, issues the guest with a ticket and parks the car for the guest. The valet will later retrieve the car when the guest is leaving. This saves on time for the guest and makes sure that the limited establishment parking lot is well utilized. 

• The valet prepares a guest’s room before they arrive. They prepare complimentary such as fruit bowls or a drink. They ensure that the room has all the essentials and where the guest preferences are known, they ensure that those are provided over and beyond the normal services.

• The valet oftentimes acts as a concierge. They give local advice to the guest such as where to dine or shop, places and sites to visit and where to acquire personal services and goods.

Valets serve as guides, they make sure the guest knows of the services that are available in the establishment and how to access them, for example how to get tickets. They may also inform the guests of services and products available outside establishment.

• The valet organizes guest activities. They plan and implement the itinerary on behalf of and together with the guest. They ensure that scheduled meetings and reservations are met. They will deal with car hire and sometimes even the purchase of gifts for the guest. They make, alter and confirm travel arrangements for the guest. 

• They help coordinate the products and services that will be offered to the guest by other people. They supervise room service for food and drink, housekeeping for guest laundry and dry cleaning. 

A valet will see to it that the room is kept clean, that the guest has their food requirements taken care of, ensure that front office has delivered the guest’s luggage to their room and any that any other department does their bit in making the guest comfortable. 

A valet acts as a confidant to the guest, they communicate confidentially to the guest and also on behalf of the guest to other people. They are a trusted person who the guest can express their opinion to.

In some cases, the valet will be responsible for the grooming needs of the guest. They will prepare their clothes and footwear, clean and polish their shoes, organize for their laundry and cleaning needs.

The valet also has a role in guest relations, they ensure that the expectations of guests are met, and deal with any problems they may encounter during their stay.

The role of the valet does not end at the guests stay, when the guest is leaving, they must deal with billing for purposes of payment. They record the services offered to the guest, and the charges. They also help to maintain guest history. This records guest preferences for provision of quality service for the next visit by the guest.

valet may be employed:

• Full time; to work at the hotel or restaurant full time. They are employed on a permanent basis for a specified period of time or until one party, the valet or employer terminates the employment. This mode of employment is mostly famous for 5 and 6 star hotels and restaurants with enough traffic to require full time valet services. 

• Part time where they work only when required. Other times, they may work in other departments such as room service or in the front office. 

• Casual; they are employed on a need basis. Say on weekends when the establishment needs extra hands and are paid hourly. 

• Outsourcing; here, the establishment does not have their own valets but depend on a third party to provide them when needed. The establishment does not pay the valet but pay the hiring company who in turn pay the valet.

For a person to be a valet, they must possess some personal characteristics to meet the expectations of guests;

• Speed; a valet must be able to move with speed. A parking valet for example should be ready to meet a guest as soon as the pull up to the hotel. They should also not take too long to retrieve a car from the parking and leave the guest waiting for too long.

• A valet must have an eye for detail; the valet must ensure that everything is done to the best standard. They must plan and prepare activities, meetings and reservations for the guest to the minutest detail. They should also be able to know when a detail is missing and fix it.

• Etiquette; a valet must have some form of decorum and good manners. They should be respectful, polite and appropriate. They must know for how to address some guests, for example dignitaries. The valet should always be well groomed and presentable.

• Customer service; valets must be versed with the art of customer service in their relation to guests. They must be courteous and responsive to customer needs

• Stamina; being a valet mostly entails waiting on your client. This entails being on your feet running back and forth for the client.

• Confidentiality; a valet should be discreet. Part of the valet’s job is to be a confidant to the guest. They should not mention a guest’s activities to anyone else. They must be able to discern when to be quiet about a guest’s activities and when to speak out.

Monday, 31 July 2017

All about Valet Services

Valet services are of many types nowadays, starting from car washing valet services to some more such as valet parking services. No matter what we are talking about, they all include our cars and ways of “spoiling” them. So let`s see which are the most popular valet services and what they include. 

Car valeting is the process of washing, polishing and waxing a car in order to achieve a new look and to enhance its resale price or value. This process includes cleaning the wheels and the shuts, cleaning, polishing and waxing the paintwork, dressing the exterior plastics and tyres, polishing both the brightwork and the glass.

There are a few steps in a full valet services (for cleaning):

· Washing the outside 

- The first step in washing a car is to clean the outside
- As a matter of fact, the exterior should be cleaned first because we don`t want the dirt to be scattered on the rest of the car during the complete wash.
- Detailing on the outside
- Removal of difficult stains: bitumen, insects, resin ( and bugs Removel)
- Revitalization of plastic ornaments: masks, grids, bars etc

· Cleaning the wheels
- To be honest, we all know that the wheels are the most dirty part of a car. They have the biggest contact with the asphalt while driving and are even one of the hardest to clean.

- It is recommended to use a non acidic cleaner in order to prevent any deterioration.

· The paintwork part 
- The painted parts of the car are the most sensitive ones so they need a lot of attention. There cannot be used harsh rags or sponges because they can scratch the surface.

· Cleaning and interior maintenance include:
- The gates, the mirrors, the board, the doors, the luggage, the carpet must be cleaned properly
- We should not forget the dry cleaning of the carpet, of the upholstery and of other textiles as well
- Interior Detailing
- For special cases, the cleaning and the treatment of leather / vinyl surfaces, leather upholstery, board should not be forgot
- The seats and the carpets are generally dry when the washing is ready

What about the time granted for the process?

o For a mini valet it takes 1hour
o For a midi valet it takes 1hour 30 mins
o For a full valet it takes 2 hours 30 mins

Valet services are starting to be considered pretty popular all over the world, especially in Singapore where more and more people get themselves powerful cars and exclusive events take place everytime.

In Singapore there was adopted even an extra service which allows customers to party and drink until morning when a valet driver gets them cars and drives them home safely. The main benefit of valet parking is convenience. Customers do not have to park their cars by themselves.

A good thing, especially in case of a special event when you have to stop exactly in front of the restaurant or the hotel. Valet parking is beneficial especially when the weather is not very good. You do not have to park far away all by yourself and walk to the hotel entrance, a valet will take your car and bring it back whenever you want to leave.

Everybody likes to be served and taken over from their responsibilities, especially during relaxing or socializing events, where finding a free parking place should be the ultimate concern.

Valet parking is a common feature of most of the special events or luxury ones, but generally they are not that popular, although there are plenty of reasons to put them into use, even for smaller companies or any other exclusive location as we can see below:

Advantages of valet parking:

1. Increasing the number of parking spaces - Usually in the absence of a clear control system, cars are more or less chaotically parked, even in the presence of road markers that delimit the parking spaces. On the other hand, the valets will assure that the parking space is used at its maximum efficiency, in order to allow the parking of as many cars as possible.

2. Safety - By using a parking valet service, the distance that invitations or employees go through until they get to the entrance is reduced, and in addition, the valets are responsibleno only for the car parking but also to provide the security duties.

3. More time for yourself – Not only the customers are privileged by these services. Choosing a parking valet service gives organizers and owners more time for the rest of the activities. They do not have to help the guests to find a parking space or to supervise the parked cars so they can focus on planning the events and making the guests feel comfortable by giving them attention.

4. Extra help for guests - If someone forgets something in the car, the valets are always there to help. In addition, at the end of the event, the car is given back to its owner in front of the entrance, without losing time with leaving the parking area.

Places where valet services are usually provided are:

Special events and private functions
Office buildings or country clubs
Hotel valet parking
Shopping centers
Medical centers
Weddings and banquets
Corporate events
Concert or parties
Launch of private apartments and condo
For airport transfer and drive home service

Either we are talking about car valeting or valet parking services, we consider that both are important. Some may consider the last one only a “caprice”, without seeing its beneficial features.

Considering these benefits and taking into account that beyond any statistics or numbers, a parking valet service offers the venue a special and exclusive air, it can easily become a goal to be achieved in the future in as many countries as possible.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Selecting the Valet Service in the Special Events

You should orchestrate diverse projects and willing to add some valor to it. An essential thing can make the program zesty for you and your visitors as well. This basic thing can make your occasion resemble a famous one. There are diverse viewpoints that a valet service has, and you should experience them, before picking the correct one for your occasion. Essential backings that you should experience have been said in this article for your reference. Experience the dependent territories and locate the consistent support for you.

Check the Service Areas 
There are diverse things that are to be checked including the red floor coverings and the helping office. The main visitors when are regarded with the ideal support of celebrity lane and valet they turn out to be exceedingly upbeat and above all the temperament of the occasion is good to go. In this manner overcome the particular points of interest of the service and consequently choose the correct bolster supplier. There are many Valet Parking Services and in this way picking off the right one can be troublesome. Get past the distinctive extra regions like the site and assistants to choose the reasonable one for you.

Check the Men Involved 
Keen Men are the basic piece of the dignity, and they are to be checked even before enlisting the service frame a valet, in the event of Valet for Restaurants, there is the significance of the men and better than average men in the service. They should be conversant in numerous dialects and particularly in the dialect of your visitor. Shrewdness and conventionality of them are likewise imperative in all angle, and that is the top thing that you require. The whole valor of a valet service relies on upon their competency and in this manner you should need to check them at the simple starting point before enlisting the service.

Spending obsession 
It is imperative that your occasion is adjusted as far as the spending plan. This is the best some portion of the tolerability that you can keep up for the occasion. For keeping up that, you should check whether every single other thing than the valet is a fine request and is coordinating with the occasion. In the wake of getting them okay, check whether the valet service is likewise inside your financial plan.

The Benefits of a Car Valet Service

-One of Your Most Expensive Assets
A car valet expert is a professional trained in the art and science of automobile service and maintenance. Just as a physician knows much more about our body and the proper way to take care of it, a car valet technician knows much more about your car, what it needs and the appropriate method to keep it running for a long time to come. Just like we need regular visits to the doctor for frequent checkups, our cars need to make regular visits to a car valet service for car grooming.

-Professional Service
Secondly, car valets have a lot of experience with cars and can almost know where things can go wrong. Therefore, they can ensure that preventive care is taken as well as redemptive care, which can cut costs in the end. People sometimes hesitate to go for professional help assuming that the costs might be prohibitively high. However, the actual truth is that professional services are only marginally higher than regular service and it, in fact, proves more economical over the long run.

A local mechanic might offer a quick fix for a couple of dollars. It might also seem to take care of the problem for the time being. Nevertheless, it might adversely affect the health of your car and cause other problems that would need more costly repairs at a later date. Therefore, it is always wise to go in for a professional car valet service to regularly maintain your car.

-The Services Supplied
Waxing provides comprehensive protection to the paint surface and prevents various airborne contaminants in the atmosphere from reaching the paint and beginning a chemical reaction. Waxing also lends a glossy effect to the car that makes it look stunningly beautiful. It is a statistical fact that a car that looks nice resells for a higher price than a car that only has a good engine but no looks. Protecting the paintwork significantly increases its resale value.

Using Professional car grooming services has tremendous benefits and is a wise choice when it comes to deciding the proper upkeep of your car. It not only is economical but also helps you save a lot of money in the long run by taking preventive measures that guarantee your vehicle's longevity. To ensure that your car keeps good health and provides you with long years of trouble free service, make sure that you are in constant touch with an excellent car valet service.

Why Select the Valet Service in the Special Events

You must be looking for a valet service for the event that you have arranged.

-Pride and Preference
When your guest walks on the red carpet at the event, they feel honored, and that is the best part of the homage, you pay at the events. The events when assisted with a valet service, the program become unique and make your guests feel the presence and respect at your event. When the car doors are opened by someone, and the guests walk on the red carpet to reach the event hall, the guest feels their importance to you and to the event too. This is the foremost reason, why to include the Valet for events.

Respect for the VVIP guests
The VVIP guest in an event or the chief guests needs a special homage, and you will have to show the best honor to them and proof that they are different from that of the other part of the invitees. The valet service is the best way to provide that homage. This service will be making them feel that they are different and thus your entire event will be lightened in a Hollywood style.

-Getting Men with Agile Nature
You must have arranged a big program, where there are many parts in the arrangement. The best set of the young fellow that is involved in the process will be engaged in some other sectors. Hence you will need some young and handsome men to pay homage and support for the VVIP guests. You can get the Valet for events, who will assist you in the event and will do the homage to them in the best possible way. There are important facts that you will have to get through.

The rates and the packages are also to be checked in the service, and that is the reason why you will have to spend some time on the net and choose the right service assistance.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

How to Choose a Valet Service

You must be arranging different programs and willing to add some valor to it. A simple thing can make the program spicy for you and your guests too. The best thing that can do the needful for you is a Valet Parking Services. This simple thing can make your event look like a royal one. There are different aspects that a valet service has and you will have to go through them, before choosing the right one for your event. The most important supports that you will have to go through have been mentioned in this article for your reference. Go through the relative areas and find the suitable support for you.

Check the Service Areas
The best valet services are not limited to any specific area. However, the most the selection of the Valet for Restaurants is important. There are different things that are to be checked including the red carpets and the lightening facility. The chief guests when are honored with the perfect support of red carpet and valet they become exceedingly happy and most importantly the mood of the event is all set. Thus get the specific details of the service and hence decide the right support provider. There are many Valet Parking Services and thus choosing the right one can be difficult. Get through the different additional areas like the website and accessories to decide the suitable one for you.

Check the Men Involved
Smart men are the essential part of the decorum, and they are to be checked even before hiring the service to form a valet, In the case of Valet for Restaurants in, there is the importance of the men and decent men in the service. They must be fluent in many languages and especially in the language of your guest. Smartness and decency of them are also important in all aspect, and that is the top thing that you need. The entire valor of a valet service depends on their competency and thus you must have to check them at the very beginning before hiring the service.

Budget fixation
It is important that your event is balanced regarding budget. This is the best part of the decency that you can maintain in the event. For maintaining that, you must check whether all other things than the valet is in fine order and is matching with the event. After getting them all right, check whether the valet service is also within your budget. 

4 Reasons To Hire A Valet Service
Small events don't reveal the problem but large parties and concerts highlight just how troublesome parking can be. If you've ever been to an event and had to hunt for safe parking space, you know what we're talking about.

Valet parking is the answer to such controllable issues. Why put yourself and guests through the hassle when there are services just waiting for you to call? They have qualified, licensed valets who know how to drive, know how to park (yes, there's a strategic system) and know how to communicate with clients. In events where the host must focus on more important matters, it's foolhardy to assume responsibility for the same.

As more people are pressed for time and services once considered a luxury become expected, valet services are seeing rising demand. If you're still debating whether you too should hire one for the unusual event you're hosting, here are four reasons to change your mind.

Convenience: Who wants to bother about finding a parking spot when you're at an event to enjoy, well, the event? Comfort becomes even more important for senior citizens or people with disabilities who don't have the physical capability to walk the long distance between parking site and venue.

Valet parking eliminates the need for guests to hop back and forth if they're left something in the car. And in a parking lot where tight corners and numerous vehicles mean a tight squeeze, it's best to leave vehicles in the capable hands of valet attendants.

Safety: Unsafe situations exist everywhere you go, sadly, and the risk is even greater for women. With a valet service, cars are brought to owners when needed which eliminates the need to walk a distance under cover of night. People with night blindness and overall poor eyesight will also thank you for being considerate.

You must be looking for a valet service for the event that you have arranged. The best thing that the valor service can provide you is the elegance and the genuineness in the event. You might be having many visitors who are important personality. The valet service will be the ideal one to make your guest feel the homage and the hostility of yours. There are different things that a valet indicates to a party or an event. So get through the Valet Para in Fiesta and include them to the events. Below are the things that your guests will get from the valet service. 

Great use of limited parking space: Ordinarily, you wouldn't be able to park more than one car into a narrow spot. Valet attendants can, however, since they hold the keys to both cars and can move them to accommodate more vehicles. They're also very experienced, so even parking lot limitations aren't daunting.

Frees up your time: Imagine if you had to shoulder the burden of worrying about parking; as the host, you wouldn't have time to play your part. Valet services let you perform your duties without having to worry about anything. Events can be stressful, we all know, so the added responsibility of parking problems is just not needed.

Adds an element of luxury: Valet parking, while more in demand than before, is still a luxury service and people view it as such. If you're out to impress guests, this is one way to do it. Hire a service known for its excellent record, and you could score big points with the right people.

Once you've decided to hire a valet company to be prepared to part with a reasonable sum of money for exceptional service. Good companies hire only the best hands which in turn command decent wages. Add to that the cost of managing such a venture and it's no wonder valet parking is still considered a luxury service. After all, if you want the best, you must be willing to pay for the best.

Friday, 14 October 2016

The Importance Of Hiring A Drive You Home Service

Drive You Home Service is considered the safest mean of getting home especially when you are drunk, and it is among the most popular services in Singapore nowadays. It is the safest and quickest way of arriving home as it is organized by professionals and utilizes modern technologies to find the shortest and the safest way of getting to your home. The drivers are also professionals with many years of experience. They have known most parts of the areas they operate and are highly likely to be aware of your home.

Many companies provide Drive You Home Service nowadays, and you need to choose the most reputable one. With these services you can enjoy any beverages or drinks offered to customers, and you can even take any amount of your beverages without having to worry how you will get home. However, while taking the drinks, you need to calculate the total amount you will have to spend to make sure that you leave enough money to hire the services.

There numerous reasons why you should hire Drive You Home Service as they offer various advantages that have made them famous in different parts of the country. Here are some of the advantages.

i. Use of easy booking systems: 
Most of the Drive You Home service providers include easy to use booking systems. Anyone can book for the service quickly without the need to waste a lot of time. They are no need of following any complicated procedure in booking for the service. Just follow the simple and few easy steps and rest assured that they will be picked within the specified time without delays. For instance, you can call customer service representative and inform them about your location as well as the time you need to be transported. You can book it for less than an hour or even a day and all the information about your needs are kept in the database, which includes a reminder system that will remind them about your needs when the time comes.

In most cases, you will be assigned a driver who will communicate with you as soon as you request the services and service you in as little as 30 minutes. Some of the service providers include systems that allow you to track the assigned vehicle as it approaches your area. They also use the GPRs systems to locate your home and the best way of reaching there.

ii. Customer satisfactions: 
Drive you home service provider offers quality services to their clients and most of their customers have reported satisfactions on the services. If you want to know the best service provider, you can visit the internet and read customer reviews and you will learn about the service provider. Most of the client's review indicates that customers are happy with the valet services, night valet services, and professionals drivers. Drive You Home Service providers work hard to earn the best reputations from their customers, which leads to the best customer satisfactions. Customer satisfaction is what brings customer loyalty and that is what the service provider wants. Growing number of loyal customers is what makes any business more profitable and that is what drive most providers to keep the high quality of their services. You will hire these services knowing that even if I drink until I am unconscious, I will still be able to rich home and wake the following day health with all my belongings safe.

iii. They know the best way to reach your home easily and safely:
With the best Drive You Home Service, you don’t have to worry about getting lost in Singapore. The professional drivers utilize high-end GPRS technologies to locate your home and the best routes to your home. With many years of experience, they understand all routes and know the safest routes to any destination. Some routes are affected by traffic jams at peak times of the day and with experience drivers, you will not get trapped in this kind of jams. So if you want to reach your home quickly, consider using these services as most of the drivers are familiar with the area they operate and are unlikely to get trapped in unnecessary jams but instead use alternative routes that get you home within a short time.

iv. Offer Reliable Services: 
Drive You Home Service guarantee satisfaction to their clients, which mean that you can really on their service quality. As a mean of guaranteeing their services to their customers, they allow money back when you are not satisfied with the service provided by the company. In case you are not satisfied with services, you only need to call the customer service and register your complaints. The customer service agent will work with all the necessary stakeholders to resolve your complaints immediately. If you are not happy with the services, you will be refunded your money immediately without delays.

v. Excellent services:
Drive You Home Service are the best for people who want comfortable means of reaching their homes when they are drunk. Some people need high-class services in accordance with their high standard of lifestyles. The service provider offers different classes of services with some of the services that allow some clients to be treated with great care as it supposes. The different quality services come with the class and comfort of the vehicle, professional and experience of the chauffeurs and the drivers, and high-quality drinks and beverages. Most of the classes of services are affordable. With a reasonable amount of money, you can enjoy quality services that rhyme with your status. The high-class services make the use of these services interest because it gives you the comfort that you need. You are not only treated like a queen/king when you are drinking but also when you are going back home.


There are many other importance of hiring a Drive You Home Service such as 24/7 customer support services, great customers services, among others. Apart from transportation services, there are other services offered clients such as night valet services, family services among other services. In case you need these services, conduct a reputable service provider, and your needs will be sorted.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How To Choose The Right Drink Jockey Service

A drink jockey service is basically called into play when you have had one drink too many. Alcohol usually impairs your judgment. This makes it difficult, if not impossible for you to drive yourself home. Rather than drive in a drunken state, be wise. Engage the helpful services of a reputable drink jockey service. The decision may save your life. There are a number of established and reputable drink and drive valet services in Singapore. You can check out their profiles online and compare reviews from forums on the internet. There are a number of factors that you should consider when identifying a suitable drink jockey service:

1. Availability on Call
Your drink and drive valet service should have an efficient team. They should have representatives on the ground to instantly respond to your call. Usually, the services have a booking system where you can book in advance. The booking procedure should not be too complex and complicated. It should be as simple as picking up you phone and calling a representative of the service. You should then be able to inform the representative when you plan on booking their vehicles and service. The booking time should only take a few minutes. The drink and drive valet service drivers should be able to pick you up in minutes. Well, an hour at most. I am sure you still would want to down your last drink. Your service representatives should be able to identify any available chauffeurs or drivers, relative to your location, to come and pick you up.

2. Reputation
It is very important for you to establish the reputation of your drink and drive valet service. Be careful not to pick a service whose employees are slack. The employees may not have the best morals and may rob you blind in your drunken state.
How do you establish your drink jockey service’s reputation? The internet, family or friends. There are tons of customer ratings and reviews based on their use of such services. These reviews will serve as pointers. They will detail their experience with a certain service. In case such customers were satisfied and happy with the service, you will pick their satisfaction from the same reviews.
Affirmations from family and friends will bolster your confidence in a particular drink and drive valet service. There will always be a family member or a close friend who has used such services before. This will guide you in the right direction. Choose a drink and drive valet service with the highest integrity and the best service in order to avoid disappointment.

3. Proximity to Your Location
When you have had too much to drink, your bed is usually the best option. The question is, how soon ca you get there. Your head is spinning from all the cocktails and beers you have consumed. Your legs can barely support you. Your bed is beckoning for you. In this regard, the closer the drink jockey service is to your location, the better. This means that when you make the phone call summoning the drink and drive valet service, there will respond in a matter of minutes. It is, therefore, important for you to identify drink and drive valet services with enough resources, particularly vehicles, so as to promptly respond to your “distress” call.

4. Cost of Service
Well, this may be a point of debate. I mean, what you probably spent on drinks is enough to buy a brand new LED flat screen. You are considering bargaining for the cheapest available drink jockey service. There is nothing wrong with getting a good bargain or deal. Just make sure you do not settle for too cheap a service. As the old adage goes, cheap is usually expensive. You may be laughing now at getting the cheapest service in Singapore, but ensure you do not cry later when the vehicle that took you home broke down on the way. Worse still, you wallet is missing!
Make the best choice. My advice, do not compromise on quality. You are better off being safe in your drunken state than sorry. This does not mean you choose the most expensive. You may get two companies offering similar services at different rates. The best choice here is, of course, the cheaper option. Just don’t stoop too low.

5. Professionalism
The drink and drive valet service should have employees who display a sense of professionalism. Consider this scenario. You live in a high-rise apartment in Singapore’s suburbs. You have just been promoted at your place of employment. After a night out painting the town red, you engage the services of a drink jockey service. You are too inebriated to even walk and entirely reliant on your drink jockey service driver. On reaching your apartment block, your driver is asked for his identification by security. He engages the security personnel at your apartment block in an unnecessary verbal exchange. In your drunken stupor, you are forced to alight from the vehicle and intervene. This is a clear display of unbecoming conduct that is not professional.
Make sure that the service you choose has professional employees who are well trained and disciplined.

6. Good Grasp of Singapore
The drink and drive valet service that you opt to use should have a good grasp of Singapore and its suburbs. This will ensure a prompt response when you require their services. The service will be able to pick you up from whatever location you are in. They will also not have any problems locating your home address.

7. Luxury Service
Are you a client with discerning taste and appreciate the finer things in life? If the answer is yes, make sure that you look for a professional high-quality drink jockey service. In order to cater for your high end and expensive tastes, look for a drink and drive valet service that has exclusivity. They should have comfortable, luxurious cars in their stable. Their chauffeurs should be professional in their appearance and conduct. Of course, the quality of beverages and drinks that they offer should be second to none. This does not mean that they should charge you an arm and a leg for this service. Make sure that the cost is reasonable and well within reasonable limits. It should not be an opportune chance for a corporate rip-off.


Be safe. Always. After that hard night of partying and drinking, do not drive. You may be involved in a serious road traffic accident. You may be lucky to sustain injuries. Even worse, you may lose your precious life! Make the best choice and contact a drink jockey service when in Singapore.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Valet Service - What You Need To Know

Valet services are an upcoming trend in Singapore nowadays. Valet services chiefly imply a service where the guest arriving to a specific location does not have to park their own car. They just hand over their car keys to a person who is well experienced in parking cars. This person is called a valet and the company hiring this person is called a valet company. The fees of the valet services are paid by the organization or the person who has hired the valet services. The customers and the guest, on the other hand, are expected to give a tip to the valet person. There are multiple benefits of hiring a valet service and it is for this reason that you will notice that valet services are being hired by malls, bars, restaurants, hotels, pubs and even hospitals.

Why should you hire valet services in Singapore?

If you are hosting a wedding, a party or even any kind of function in Singapore, then it becomes absolutely necessary to hire a valet service. This is because in the urban areas there are strict parking restrictions. The roads are overcrowded with vehicles and if one of your guests ends up parking in the wrong area or on the wrong side of the road then they can get into serious trouble. Even you may get dragged into the matter. Hence valet services are required, who ensure that they park the car in a designated parking spot which is safe and legal. Secondly, the designated parking space may be far away from the venue of the event and hence may be of inconvenience to your guests. The aged guests may face problem walking back to the venue area. The condition is worsened in bad weather when the guest's attire is soiled by rain or mud if they have to walk back from the parking area.

Valet services take all the hassles for you and ensure that your guests can attend the event with full peace of mind without having the hassle of finding a parking spot. Thirdly, at an event where a large number of guests have been invited, parking becomes a serious problem. When the guests park their cars, they do not always park properly. Hence large spaces are left between cars which waste the parking space. Moreover, sometimes one car bumps into others or damages others when they are being parked into a tight spot by a guest himself. These may lead to serious troubles, which may ruin your party. So hire a valet service and let them park the cars in a perfect way. They know how to handle a car and park them in the best way possible.

Importance of Singapore Valet services

valet services are one of the ace valet services available in Singapore. They provide great services and are full of professional ethics, which are bound to satisfy you. They have a very skilled team who know their work properly and would never even give you a chance to complain. So hire valet services today in Singapore and have fun at hosting your event without having to worry about cars and parking.

Establishing a valet service area in your establishment is a good opportunity to establish a credible reputation to your shoppers. Whether you may have a hospital, restaurant or hotel, you should be cut above the rest so that you will be able to set yourself apart from each other. Setting up a valet service area will say that you care about your clients and their interests. Wouldn't it be nice that instead of your patron taking the time to look for a good parking space, you can leave it up for the valet spot to search for a place to assist and put aside the hassle, which in turn, saves more time in the course? It is surely convenient for your clients to just step outside their car and then proceed to where they are planning to go inside your establishment rather than looking for ways in order to park their vehicles. The stress and the hassle it takes to look for a good space is really taxing especially to a lot of people. Your clients will appreciate it if you can offer this valet service parking to them.

So how do you set up your own valet parking service that is both successful and efficient? You can start with a number of things in order to get the core to promote this service in your building. When you are able to choose the basic valet parking necessities, you can truly take advantage of the service getting better.

Valet Parking Signboard
From a distance, a driver should first know if a valet spot is available and what nicer way to do it is through putting up signs in your area. There should be correct marquees put in strategic areas of your establishment to let your clients become aware that you are offering this to them.

Valet Podium
Understanding that you have a lot of keys on hand, there should be a well-placed device to place all the keys of your clients. This is an important factor since you do not want to end up wasting time in the process of looking for the right keys.

Parking Cone
This is one of the most cost-effective parking equipments around which aids in managing traffic. You will be able to point cars to the right spot.

Good Employees
Definitely valet service is a short interaction between some of your staff and your customers. Hire an employee who is reliable to build customer loyalty. Your client would want to make sure that their vehicle is protected so having a convincing staff is one of the chief factors you need to consider.

Keep in mind these chief valet park equipments in Singapore to show that you are taking service in a serious manner in your establishment. Once you invest in giving convenience to your customers, you will grow your customer's trust. It goes back to having good customer service is what your customers are searching for. Because it's more on creating excellent experiences of excellence that make them come back for an added visit.